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Reader Sent in Free Crochet Patterns

Free Crochet pattern for a wonderful beginner project. A crocheted Potholder. This potholder takes little time and is a hit with just everyone. It stands up well to wear and is a unique gift as well as a usable item. Everyone I've ever given these to have asked for more. I use them myself.

Pictures and full instructions are included.


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Free Pattern

Simple and easy beginners project.


A Circle becomes a Square and double thick.


Truly an easy project as you merely continue round and round and eventually the circle becomes a square and you just close it up and now you have a double thick potholder.

Peaches and Cream 4 Ply 100% Cotton Yarn

Crochet Hook size G

Finished Size of Potholder 7” X 71/2 “

(Easily made bigger or smaller)

Stitches used

CH = Chain

SC = Single crochet

Chain 40

 (For bigger potholder chain more for smaller chain less. It does not matter if stitches are even or not.)

Row 1 – SC in the first CH and in each CH across, CH 2 (This will be the only time that you CH 2). Round the corner and SC on the opposite side of previous row (some might call this the bottom of previous row) all the way across.  Don’t forget to SC in CH 2 Space.

  Continue around the corner working SC in each SC. The corners will start to fold in. Just continue to SC in each SC, going all the way around. Trust me the ends will eventually come together and you will have a square potholder. Double thick!

  When your two ends meet in the middle, tie off. Leave about 12”-14” to whipstitch together.

Tami’s Comments

    This potholder is another of my favorite things to crochet. It is so easy to make and the possibilities are endless. You can use more than one color and make all different kinds of patterns. I will try to get some made and post them on the site. I like the little potholders but it is so easy just to add more stitches to your chain and viola you have a bigger potholder or hot pad. This is also a small project that can easily be taken anywhere.

    Synthetic yarns will tend to melt so stick to cotton.

Remember these are flammable so do not use near open flame or let touch a red hot electric burner. You could apply flame retardant or buy flame retardant yarn. But I have been using these for years and have never had a problem. The acrylics tend to flatten and melt a bit over time. Like years of use taking things out of a 400 degree oven and setting these hot dishes on the potholders. But the Cottons don't melt at all even with years of use and that is why I tend to use cotton more often now.

No it is not going to melt away and stink up your kitchen. But over time like years you will notice it flatten and show signs it has gotten really hot and started to melt a bit. Just use cotton and you can avoid the issue.

     Please drop me a e-mail and let me know what you think.

Tami Spanaway, WA. 


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